In the great tradition of Sticker Packs, we have boldly entered the realm with the Sticker Gladiators to present to you a potential new Champion - The G.I. JOE/TRANSFORMERS Sticker 4 Pack designed by Les Schettkoe.  Let's list the attributes:  Rad.  Awesome.  Killer.  Dope.  Fresh.  Sweet.  Sick.  Dayum.  Right on.  Power to the People.  Cobra Commander.  Snake Eyes.  Optimus Prime.  And, Megatron.  I'm going to stop here.  There are more attributes but it's really hard to manage all of them.  Hold on, hold on...I feel a few more coming on - Four 3.5" die-cut vinyl stickers that are $5.50/pack, ship at flate pricing and look good on folders, bedroom doors, friend's backs and skateboards (just a few suggestions).  These exist on our webiste and you can buy them now.  POW! - just click the store or logo homeslice!

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