Street Fighter Action Vinyls are available NOW at participating Walmarts!   One of the best Action Vinyls series to date!  These 3.2" Street Fighting tornados are equipped with 12 points of articulation.  The Walmart selection showcases your favorite Street Fighter characters and Editions, including: Ken (Orange Gloves, Red Gi), Ryu V2 (Round 4 Capcom Collector Edition), Chun-Li with brown tights, Vega (V2 - some with metallic Gold wristbands and metallic blades, others with Yellow wristbands and matte blades - try to find both!), Blanka, E-Honda (check out his Sumo hands!), Chun-Li (V2 Turbo Edition - Pink Dress - chase 1/48), Blanka (Yellow Edition V3, Hyper Fighting Ed chase 1/96), Ken (White Gi, V3 - Turbo Edition CLUB 28), plus a single Gold Ryu with the WM foot stamp.  These guys are next level!  Have them fight one on one, in groups, against other Action Vinyls!  Get them in crazy poses, stand them up on one leg, pose Ken with his Hadouken - these collectibles are bananas!  TLS Nation and Action Vinyls collectors, don't sleep on these.  Very limited qtys available.  Check your local Walmart for availability.  FIGHT!!!

Chun-Li and E Honda

Blanka and Ken

Vega and Ryu

Chun Li pink dress

Ken Club 28

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