The Press release is so good, I'm going to roll with that.  Sunstorm has a crazy story.  He's pretty Bad A_ _!

Sunstorm -

A Seeker in the Decepticon fleet.   SUNSTORM, an F-15 Cybertronian Jet has a built in fusion reactor which powers at an extreme potency, giving SUNSTORM extreme speed, and energy in the form of heat and electromagnetic pulses and waves.   A definitive threat to all he encounters, even his Seeker comrades.   SUNSTORM believes he is powered by divinity, a super natural being in origin.  However, he is a product of SHOCKWAVE's cloning experiments with STARSCREAM.  SUNSTORM is coated with Electrum, which contains the extreme energy his fusion reactor generates.

The Loyal Subjects is proud to present the Series One TRANSFORMERS Generation 1 collectibles.  The first series includes OPTIMUS PRIME, MEGATRON, BUMBLEBEE, JAZZ, SOUNDWAVE, GRIMLOCK, STARSCREAM, THUNDERCRACKER and three very sought after chase figurines.  The TLS Transformers collectibles are 3" tall, foil bagged with a collector's stats card, and boast 7 points of articulation, detailed sculpts and signature weapons.  The Series One line departs from the blindbox assortment with CYBERTRON MEGATRON and SUNSTORM, both blister pack and carded.  SUNSTORM is an exclusive to the famed TOY TOKYO in New York City.  TOY TOKYO will debut SUNSTORM for purchase at San Diego Comic this coming Wed -Sunday, July 17th-21st.  TOY TOKYO is Booth #5337.  An edition of 2500 with a retail of $15.00/ea.  A must have collector's item in the Transformers Universe.  Please contact Toy Tokyo for additional details. 

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