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Question to the TLS Nation: We've been working on an exclusive capped TLS Membership Club with Steve Johnson the past couple weeks. I think we have the offering that should blow your minds. It either will or won't but let's give it a positive chance bc we think it's very cool.

It'll work kind of like Kickstarter but w/o Kickstarter. It's a prepaid membership and you'll get shipments throughout the year. These shipments will be products made ONLY for Club Members. There will never be more than 1000 memberships sold (EVER) in this club and this club will always have the MOST Exclusive offerings (like a GID Super Saiyan Goku).

Here's how it works BUT we need to know if you will commit.  We need about 500 sign ups at first within the next 1.5 weeks to get it going. We'll create a product on the TLS website - one will be Domestic, the other INT'L and this is the product - SUPER DOUBLE DIAMOND TLS MEMBERSHIP (Domestic) - $199.00 + $50.00 shipping and handling (for the year) INTL' - $199.00 + $100.00 shipping and handling for the year.

Here's what you get:


ARE YOU IN? If resounding "Yes", we'll make it. If "Meh", we'll wait, if "No way dude, lame" then we'll keep the idea for another day. Hopefully our HxC loyalists will be down. IT'S OVER $650.00 IN VALUE for the price of 1 Month's worth of Cable (which sucks anyway).

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Posted by The Loyal Subjects

December 30, 2019

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Christmas Memories

It’s inspiring reading everyone’s recollections from Christmas past.  The Holidays hold unique memories for us all, recollections of “wow” gifts under the tree, an introduction to something new which blooms into a passion, spending time with loved ones, being reunited with loved ones after time apart, taking time out to reflect, to be grateful or to help someone else in need.  Whatever religion, creed, philosophy or..

Posted by The Loyal Subjects

December 27, 2019

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