"Bleep blurp blop bloople deep bloop".  This is either the sound this beautiful and colorful polka dotted creature makes when you bop it, or it's the language spoken by the creators of FriendsWithYou.  It could be both.  I've had full conversations with Sam Borkson (1/2 of FriendsWithYou) using this sort of "Mork from Ork", techno-challenged super alien robotish like speak.  It's fun.  It's all in the cadence and the exageration of your "oops", "bleeps" and "eeps".  Get nasaly, it helps.  It's like doing a gibberish excercise in a Second City class, only this improvisation can carry on through the rest of the day.  No timer needed.  No "Annnnd...scene."  

I met FriendsWithYou (Sam and Tury) many moons ago (possibly 12 years ago).  We share a common spirit;  something silly, something artful, something thoughtful, something compassionate, something challenging, something fun, something provacative and a will to refine.  Like minded folk seem to attract.  We come together.  Be it collaborating, creating, sharing or simply enjoying.  I'm happy and proud to call them my friends.  Literally.  The reality, they truly are FriendsWithYou.  Friends with everyone.  They have an infectuous spirit and their creative and playful images are the perfect instruments to translate their language, their intent.  I always describe them as part Teletubby, part color wheel, part lumniosity and part Sesame Street.  They have a fine-art spirit; using their images to uplift, to resonate, to permeate possibilities and radiate energy.  Purely interpretable, fantastical.  A sort of imagination motivator if you will.  

I love these projects.  They are layered.  The Super Malfi Bop Bag is fun, kinetic, artful, colorful, challenging, large and joyous in all ways.  Unless you are a complete cynic, one couldn't help but smile looking at this loveable, huggable lug of a thing.  It's brilliant.  

Available Wed, May 15th at Noon PDT right here.  Only $99.00/ea.  An edition of 350.  It's art, it's fun, it's Super Malfi!  Bring one home and brighten up your space =)


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