For real?  Are you asking yourself if you just read what you think you just read?  Well, let me tell you - you did.  That's right, TACO TIME TEES!  Basically face melting and mind blowing all at the same time.  Everyone loves tacos!  Even better, advertise that you love tacos!

Tacos are better than any snack - crackers, cookies, fruit (well, maybe not fruit) - it's the tidiest, tastiest, snack-happiest snack in the whole wide world (the planet is really wide). 
Put down your veggie wrap and snap into the Taco Time movement.  Be one with the people.  Enjoy a taco!  Only $25.00 at www.theloyalsubjects.com.  Guess what's the kicker?  Shipping is free.  Find that widget once you finalize your checkout and you're in.
People!  Make it happen!

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