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Happy New Year!

That’s a wrap!

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Christmas Memories

It’s inspiring reading everyone’s recollections from Christmas past.  The Holidays hold unique memories for us all, recollections..

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Fox Animation Domination

“Fox in a box!  Fox box!  Animation box ala Fox!  Fox Animation box?  Dang it, what do we call it?”   After securing an..

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“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”  Something I never said, but Ray Parker Jr surely tatoo’ed this emphatic catch phrase into the ribs..

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Black Friday 2019

BLACK FRIDAY! BLACK FRIDAY! BLACK FRIDAY!  This coming WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY!  WEDNESDAY!  Read this with the monster truck “dude” guttural voice while Travis Pastrana flips a triple lindy over your head wearing skis, and Grave Digger smashes burnt out cop cars to AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’.  “Heck  Yeah!”, “Oh, Yeah!!!”, “Snap into a Slim Jim!” – all these mantras should play on repeat for each new sentence read in this blog..

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Posted by The Loyal Subjects

November 22, 2019

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Thundercats - Metallic Hot Topic Exclusive!

Funny enough, all I hear in my head while writing this post is David Lee Roth’s “Yankee Rose” – ‘Are you ready for a new sensation!’  It’s probably because I have Thundercats mania too.  Literally.  I’m as excited as you to find Thundercats in the wild and dote lovingly and overbearing/boorishly like a grandma at Christmas who doesn’t know her own strength or bosom size.  Hey, it’s Christmas time; you know you have one of..

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Posted by Admin

December 19, 2017

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Battle Damage Thundercats Action Vinyls available at WALMART NOW!

“You wanted the best, you got the best!  The hottest”…wait, this ain’t KISS, let’s start this over.   “You wanted the best, you got the best!  The hottest Collectible in the market!  The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls™ x Thundercats!”  Queue HUGE pyrotechnics, thrones of screaming fans, teenagers weeping, face melting guitar riffs and Lion-O blasting Mumm-Ra with the power of the Eye of Thundra Sword!  BOOM!  Minds officially..

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Posted by Admin

December 3, 2017

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, Exclusives, Walmart, Thundercats

Thundercats at Walmart! This week!

"THUNDER!  THUNDER!  THUNDERCATS!  HO!"  Fast forward to Sugar Smack up tempo electro rock blasting your homework procrastinating brain into another sugar surge!  Riding the lightning like the pummeling "in ride" space rock tune blasting through the tunnel speakers on Space Mountain.  Bobbing and weaving, ducking rollercoaster tracks as if you we're about to get your head taken off right before dipping into an LED dripped..

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Posted by Admin

November 17, 2017

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, Walmart, Thundercats