Back to basics.  In everything.  There's an idea that pairing down all visceral human experiences to a positive inertia develops intellectual and spiritual growth.  A sort of deconstructionist theory - where every idea, notion and action is broken down into the purity of the "moment", and either enjoyed, consumed or displayed for the betterment of that moment.  In hopes of building steps to a better and enlightened future - (all the while)conceding to rules of conscious conservation.  There seems to be hints of action towards these moments and certainly men and women giving examples, leading the way. Understanding and exploring the "human condition" as it relates to our ideas, our place in the universe and our future existence and this plays out indefinitely through art, food, culture, and so on.
The Loyal Subjects recently had the opportunity to work with a conscious and forward thinking company - a restaurant group named Tender Greens.  Tender Greens restaurants in Cliff's Notes: Tender Greens provides a full sensory experience - taste, feel, smell, hear, see.   Most importantly, Tender Greens provides a quality dining experience - delivering  fine dining eats in a relatable, social environment.  Relatable in price as well. What uptight establishments deliver in the $20 and $30 range, Tender Greens is delivering in the $10-$12 range.  
Conscious, moving away from "widget" like distributors and suppliers, Tender Greens core philosophy surrounds the "Farm to Fork" ideal - fresh goods pulled from the ground in the morning and arrive on your plate that afternoon.
They are a great company with an excellent product.  TLS was contacted by Tender Greens (Heidi Wahl - Marketing and Events planner) to possibly collaborate; "installing art that reaches and speaks to their core and casual customer".  We, knowing and working with all sorts of brilliant artists, knew exactly who to go to for this job.  We contacted Jeremy from Jeremyville - Jeremyville has a rich narrative with clever associations and a "glass-half-full" motif.  He's perfect for the job.  And he was!  Jeremyville knocked it out of the park.  Here are a few pics from my iPhone of some of the brilliant art that is hanging on the walls at Tender Greens.  We were happy to work hand-in-hand with some great people and it looks like we had some great results.  Please visit them on Second Ave. in Santa Monica (next to the Promenade), as well as their many other locations.  *Sorry for the blurry pics.  I will definitely swap them out for some better ones at a later date*.

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