Thundercats - Metallic Hot Topic Exclusive!

Funny enough, all I hear in my head while writing this post is David Lee Roth’s “Yankee Rose” – ‘Are you ready for a new sensation!’  It’s probably because I have Thundercats mania too.  Literally.  I’m as excited as you to find Thundercats in the wild and dote lovingly and overbearing/boorishly like a grandma at Christmas who doesn’t know her own strength or bosom size.  Hey, it’s Christmas time; you know you have one of those Grannies.  Each time she comes in for a hug it’s like being smothered by a quilted volcano.  Did I say it’s Christmas time?  Yes, that’s right!  What is the best present in the world for folks that are into radical, super detailed, totally articulated, bada$$ collectibles?  Why, that would be none other than The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls Thundercats, and just in time for Christmas, Hot Topic’s Metallic Exclusive!!  Stockings will be stuffed and mania will ensue early Christmas morning, as your friends, family members, loved ones, or partners pour out Jolly Ole’ St. Nick’s sock of goodies right on to that shag carpet, and glistening like the North Star who steered the Wiseman will be none other than the blinding twinkle coming from the TLS AV Thunderats Metallic Hot Topic Exclusive!   Eyes will turn into Yo-Yo’s, spinning in pure joy!   What’s more fantastical than the beautiful metallic details?  How about adding Monkian to the mix!  He’s a barbarous barbarian of sorts with a pension for pain and Tomfoolery!  And this foolish baboon is exclusive to Hot Topic!  As in, you cannot find him anywhere else but the illustrious shelves of the almighty Hot Topic!  Forget the candy canes, the roasted nuts, last years dishtowels – save that sacred space in that beautiful and impractical sock for Thundercats Action Vinyls!  Be a hero this Christmas!  Don’t forget, this packout includes several accessories, collector cards, rare chase figures and the best dang 3” stylized Action Collectible in the market!  As Madonna once proclaimed while writhing up to a bowl of milk – ‘Don’t settle for second best Baby, put your love to the test’ – that's’ TLS Action Vinyls!  Get Woke!

Happy Holidays!


Monkian Thundercats

Monkian Thundercats Action Vinyls

Tygra Thundercats Action Vinyls

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