Thundercats at Walmart! This week!

"THUNDER!  THUNDER!  THUNDERCATS!  HO!"  Fast forward to Sugar Smack up tempo electro rock blasting your homework procrastinating brain into another sugar surge!  Riding the lightning like the pummeling "in ride" space rock tune blasting through the tunnel speakers on Space Mountain.  Bobbing and weaving, ducking rollercoster tracks as if you we're about to get your head taken off right before dipping into an LED dripped Black Hole.  Does that blast you back to the past?  It should!  If the Thundercats theme song didn't hit right when you crashed through the front door after walking a mile from the bus stop, looking like the kid from E.T., complete with the earth toned rainbow puffy vest, a shiny bowl haircut, and the brown corduroys, screaming after you flung the door wide open, throwing your book bag aimlessly into a corner - "Mom!  I'm Home!" - then "Click!"  That old school TV with nobs you had to turn, and they snapped with a gratifying "click"!  Channel 11.  "Thunder!  Thunder!  Thundercats!  Ho!"  It's on baby!  Flying to the refridgerator like a castaway on a desert island who hasn't seen cooked meals in a decade, grabbing a salad bowl used for Thanksgiving portions, pouring end over end the largest bowl of Captain Crunch (don't forget the prize), followed by an entire gallon of milk and oared by a spoon who's stem has been rippled by the many times it had to be smoothed out after trying to excavate a big scoop of feezer burned Neopolitan Ice Cream that you couldn't resist until the ice crystals made it unbearable to eat.  Seated at your end of the couch with your tub of cereal.  Kicking off the Keds.  Homework can wait.  It's Lion-O and friends time to kick Mumm-Ra's taped up behind, all the while perfecting your "Snarf! Snarf!" impersonations which you'll play out over the next 20 years to any friend who will listen or shares the same "club" as you.  Yes, that's us.  That's where we came from.  We all subtly languish to find little keys back to those perfect times.  And here we are, with the keys to the time machine, ready to get back to those simpler times, where space aliens ran supreme and crazy skeleton demon villains caused havoc on interstellar planets.  Finally!  TLS has shipped the Thundercats Walmart Battle Damage series!  One of the best Action Vinyls to date and available this coming week and the following week at Walmart!  What better time to drop a little Christmas cash!   Just to close your eyes, hear the hum of your BMX tires, the squeak of your brakes as you press the handles pulling the wires which triggered rubber brake pads to shut down the rotation of the wheels.  Gloating over the Mongoose logo frame pad, the electro plated blue and red hardware, the custom Goose Neck, knowing you have one of the coolest bikes in the neighborhood!  Better yet, with Mag Rims!   Let's do this!  The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls x Thundercats - packed with articulation, great sculpt details, accessories, character cards, Club 28, rare chase figs and two versions of Mumm-Ra!  Don't sleep on these!  Start getting your favorite storylines going, it's time to get back under that bowl cut and summon your inner kid back to a blissful time!

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