TLS at Comic Con, Part II

I’ve explained this for years – Comic Con is like Halloween but in July.  It’s colorful, a celebration of (nearly all) things pop culture; folks are happy, engaged, invested, and whole heartedly adopt the suspension of disbelief for the better part of a week as (most do) dive in head first into the “Let your freak flag fly” mantra.  It’s a general psychic energy, bonding everyone, all who’ve come to “play” to let loose, be accepted, enjoy passions, share passions, and walk heads held high now matter the shape, color, size, preference, gender, or form…all is welcome, one of the most democratic institutions quilted from the love for the popular arts, aka comic books.   It’s hard not to smile seeing characters lifted from the pages, and movie screens interpreted by (ostensibly) your neighbor, or colleague who quietly sits in the cubicle next to you, showing off rows of Funko Super Heroes or TLS Action Vinyls, adorning victory from the drab drapes and melancholy of an 8 hr work day, finding the power of inspiration through the imaginative, character mythos from decades of story telling, truth to the truth seekers, and aspirational to those searching for inspiration.  Story is powerful.

Comic Con is it’s own story, a “choose your own adventure” filled with meet ups, meet and greets, factory direct interactions, and more importantly, all the like mindedness; a will to step in another’s shoes, show off all the wily creative cleverness through transformation, of one’s self into the avatar of their choosing….for the time, psychically bonding oneself to the powers, prestige, and forces of the character portrayed.  At the same time, being recognized for the transformation, and the audience too agreeing; suspending all judgments, biases, prejudices, and the disbelief in magic if only to accept this brand of magic for the entirety of the half week before returning to rules of habitual normalcy.  That is magic.

The costumes, the roll play, the transformation into heroes, villains, zombies, out of this world creatures, and creatures from undiscovered worlds is the theater, the main stage, the true play at hand which delights the spirit, ultimately leaving smiles all around, and if not, inspiration to participate and play the next round.  As much as we have our agenda, which is to help participate in this magical experience for all who are willing to find us, we too are extras in this magnificent play, if not an enjoying and willing audience, inspired by the creativity from the nation of prop builders, costumers, and makeup artists who flock to San Diego each year to present their masterpieces to the public.  It’s difficult not to take notice, and drink it in.

TLS is part of the fabric of a greater pop culture quilt, at least a stitch or two.  We are excited to be involved in any conversation pertaining to the creative arts, and imaginative experiences.  It’s exciting to be a cell working inside the larger organism, symbiotic with the goal to tell story in an authentic way, be custodians of great stories which briefly graze our hands, and with great pride and fiduciary duty we hold this task with all do seriousness, if only to stay focused while imaginations open up and lounge effervescently inside the topography of a great mythos.

Thank you Comic Con, thank you cosplay, thank you cosplayers for lending your talents, your imaginations, and intrepid spirit, which embodies all things San Diego Comic Con; the true guardians of the Comic Con galaxy.  Also, thank you to all the cosplayers who allowed TLS to film them.  Lucky us, we caught a few adorning the garb, wares, and wigs of many of the TLS Action Vinyls we had on display.  Til next year!  Please enjoy our Video!

Ghostbusters two fans
Ghostbusters in a car