What are the two great tastes that go together?  Optimus Prime and Customizers of course!  Who wouldn't want to get some clean detailing on an alien robot leader who transforms into a Big Rig?  Pin stripes, airbrushing, the whole nine.  So in honor of our Transformers Series 2 Kickoff this week at NY Toy Fair we teamed up with the legendary Toy Tokyo to bring you an art and custom show featuring some of today's best Customizers and artists including: legendary skater Steve Caballero as well as Jonpaul Kaiser, Axis, Nemo, Etipsone, Freehand Profit, Evol, Ewok, Crash, Dave Morgan, Joshua Lamb, John Warden and much more!  Each Custom will have an original piece of art accompanying - all works are available for purchase.  There will be beverages, snacks, friends, family, artists, toy legends, Transformers as well as exclusive purchases on the Ultra Magnus blister carded figure ($15.00), Shockwave zip-up Hoodies ($65.00) and Grimlock Tees ($25.00).  Come early and hang late.  It's going to be a blast.  

Autobots, Roll Out!  See you there Cybertronians!

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