The Loyal Subjects would like to personally thank Kidrobot and their superstar team of experts  for their efforts, support and diligence. 
Extra extra thanks and bountiful swells of gratitude also go out to Joe Ledbetter for creating/concocting this awesome, monstrous, masterpiece.
Pleasantries aside, the Friday night event at Kidrobot was awesome.  The Loyal faithfuls certainly were served up with heaping helpings of veggie delight, all in the form of a mutant Veggie Burger Bunny.  Imagine seeing one of these bouncing around on your front lawn.  Furreal!  That's frightening and surreal combined.  It's not a word so don't look it up.  Perhaps we'll get a mention in Urban Dictionary for this "good ole college try".
Kidrobot LA had 12 on hand and then "poof"!  Much like the bunny in the magicians hat - Gone!  Don't sweat it though, more are available through Kidrobot June 7th so keep your eyes peeled to their retail stores and online.  Happy hunting!  
PS  Vinylpulse Jack was on hand to record the night's activities.  Always give VP a looksie for the "on the ground" activities involving TLS.

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