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TLS x SDCC 2017!!

The Loyal Subjects BOOTH #4951 - Cutting to the wire!  A lot of work went into bringing 26 high quality exclusives, all very limited numbers, to SDCC this year!  Our biggest year yet!  Our aim is to curate a high value, story telling, high quality, nuanced, affordable, collectible and exclusive experience for the TLS fam!  We chose each exclusive carefully, we limited the production numbers and we think we came up with the best 26 exclusive releases on that Convention floor!  We're going to blow your socks off!  SDCC is our favorite time of year and undoubtedly we know it's yours too.  Months of planning has finally paid off.  We have Street Fighter two packs, My Little Pony, Mega-Man, Attack on Titan, Thundercats, Gudetama, How To Train Your Dragon, new Tees, our classic blindboxes, stickers, a booth full of smiles and ready to make this the best year yet!  All floor exclusives are extremely limited - 264 and even lower!  Below is our schedule.  Definitely plant your flag in line so you're guaranteed to get a piece of the action!   Don't forget, there's nothing like our Action Vinyls - the sculpts, the paint details, up to 16 points of articulation, removable busters, hands, attachable Shoryukens and Hadoukens, rare coins, collectible character cards, interchangable accessories, resealable boxes and a Universe where any bad guy can fight any good guy, doesn't matter if it's Skeletor vs. M. Bison or Goku vs. Trap Jaw!  It all makes perfect sense!  There's a new story line, a new narrative, a new show to Write, Produce and Direct!  You can because the gestural abilities and nuanced articulation in the Action Vinyls enhances your ability to tell your story through your lense!  How cool is that! --->  We spare no expense!  And to make it even Hotter, we're hosting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman for an hour long signing!  If that's still not scaulding hot enough we're also hosting Yoshinori Ono, Producer for Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V for an hour signing as well!  TLS x SDCC 2017.  Not to be a buzz kill but addressing questions in the groups; Regarding SDDC discounts - our membership offered discounts for 2016 but did not include 2017.  No discounts for the 2017 SDCC items, unfortunately.  We did our best to absorb most of the hits for making such low volume, which we absorbed some substantial costs for being well below our required MOQs to bring these exclusive to you for an extremely affordable price.  All new members who hadn't taken full advantage of the SDCC 2016 Exclusives, we still have some left and the discount certainly applies to those items.

2017 - The year #StayLoyal takes over the Con!  Let's do this!  PS  Here are the first batch of teases.  Hope to show the second batch tomorrow!












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