When I was a kid I had visions of owning awesome Optimus Prime shirts.  I didn't get one.  I did get a Lakers shirt and most likely a Gotcha shirt.  Both repectively cool.  However, if my karma was clean in a past life I probably would have been handed an awesome Optimus Prime shirt with a large Batman-esque onomatopoeia sceaming "BOOM" across the chest.  That would satisfy me.  Now, as an adult, it does satisfy me.  I'm not waiting anymore.  It's within my grasps and believe you me, I test the merchandise.  I wore that shirt, I played drums with it on, I cruised around with it, I wore it out to nice dinners - guess what?  It's quality.  It's awesome.  I love it.  As Robert Smith once said, "Friday, I'm in love", I proudly profess "Optimus Prime shirt, I'm in love".  Not just Prime though - Soundwave, Slag, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Megatron - I got one for every day of the week and I love that fact.  I love that I'm the Transformers t-shirt Cee Lo Green.  He has tons of shoes, one for every occasion.  I'm that with Transformers shirts.  You should be that too.  We'll start a club.  We will rule any situation.  We have Tranformers Tees designed by Sket-One for The Loyal Subjects.  We automatically win.  No reason to show up.  The trophy is ours.

I love robots.  I love robots that transform.  I love robots trying to save human beings from other bad robots.  Those robots also transform.  If you add all this information up, clearly, I love Transformers.  More clearly, I love Transformers tees designed by Sket-One.  Deal with it.  Get on the same page.  Let's go take over a High School wearing our cool Transformers Tees.  We'll all start at Quarterback.  We can't be refused.  100 of us wearing cool Tranformers tees all starting at Quarterback for some High School we just took over because we are wearing these indefinitely cool Transformers tees.  Go out for a pass.  Touchdown.  Only $25.00 on this site.  If that wasn't cool enough, they ship for FREE inside the U.S.   M I N D  W A S  J U S T  B L O W N.  Let's do this!

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