TMNT is almost here.  The first availability will be at COMIKAZE, this coming Halloween thru Nov 2nd.  We'll have limited quantities but definitely worth filing in to the LA Convention Center to pick some of these bad boys up.  ACTION VINYLS have landed and they are sweet.  For more info regarding the Comikaze Expo please click this link -  The Loyal Subjects is Booth #622.  Joe Allard, the Series Designer will be signing from 1-2p each day.

WEB ORDERS - We will be shipping your qtys out the following day after Comikaze (Nov 3rd).  We're almost there!

RETAIL - Retail shelve dates (best guess):  Hot Topic Nov 15th, TRU Dec 15th, Barnes & Noble - (TBD), Hastings Nov 20th, Hobby shops + Ma and Pa's Nov 20th.  Please inquire with your local retailer.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting the line and is now a fan of our ACTION VINYLS collectibles!

We Love You!

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