TMNT Wave 2 Sneak Peek!

If Wave 1 wasn't good enough, sheeeueee!  Wave 2 is H E A T!  Your favorite Turtles are back with bigger expressions, brighter colors, new accessories and donning (no pun intended Donny) the classic cartoon Turtle Letterplate belt buckles!  Shredder is back, so is Master Splinter but we've added a whole new mix of your favorite villains; including Leatherhead, BeBop, Rocksteady and of course, the classic cartoon edition Foot Clan Solider.  The chases will be hot, plenty of easter eggs to collect.  The articulation is equally awesome but what is insanely awesome are the removable helmets, hats and armory of accessories, including a skateboard for Mikey!  We're targetting a Nov 1st shelf date with Hot Topic, B&N, Hastings and BAM, and your favorite ma and pa store!  Come to Booth #5050 this SDCC and get a first glimpse in person of Wave 2!

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