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Mini Series Galore, right?  How could there not be?  The TMNT are so cool.  We can't get enough of them and we jumped at the opportunity to take the wheel and drive on our Turtles collection.  Kevin Eastman is the man.  The Turtles legacy is icon status.  So stoked to add a little TLS flavor to the mix in our ACTION VINYLS collection.  This includes signature ball and socket joints, several points of articulation, collector/character cards, blindbox packouts, box sets, multiple accessories and weapons - man-o-man!  These are Indian in the Cupboard all the way.  Look closely and you'll swear these guys move on their own.  I'm sure they do when your back is turned, just don't let Shredder get too close.

Our Wave 1 is inspired by the OG Comic with our TLS filter in play.  We want to pay homage to the brilliance of Kevin Eastman and infuse the line with the TLS design and quality that you've come to expect.  I think we have the recipe and I think you guys are going to flip.  Our first TMNT wave includes commons and chase figs.  You have to collect them all and if you get doubles, it's just icing on the cake because there ain't one bad collectible in the lot.  These are all supreme.  Coming the end of Summer 2014 and to your favorite retailers.  The Turtles will be $12.99 each and stand a little over 3" tall.   Presale will be avail Aug 15th.

Go Green!

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