Toys R Us Exclusives! Street Fighter!

ROUND 2!  FIGHT!  We love exclusives - gives us a chance to go deep into character catalogs, deep into years of character treatments and gives "you" the option to army build without borders, and with heroes and villains alike!  Street Fighter has 20 years of sugar highs and carpal tunnels guaranteeing you've played nearly every edition of every character and either got your butt whooped or whooped some butt!  Let's hope for the latter!  The Loyal Subjects loves the character cannons, steeped in experiences decades old...connections that are twined like strands of DNA.  We want to deliver these experiences back to you in the form of the Action Vinyls time machine so you can relive and retell those favorite moments.  Hopefully invoking all the warm fuzzies, from the rubber knobs on the tires of your Mongoose BMX bike, to the holes in your slip on Vans, to the tubs of Big Gulps, to the sticky finger high fives with your pals, and the screams as you go from Round to Round kicking monsters, karate champions and tyrant's asses up and down the screen in fantastical "KO" style!  We want our Street Fighter Action Vinyls to invoke those Peter Pan spirits and put you right smack dab, probably all 4'2" of you, back in the 7-11 pounding away at the machine!  ROUND 3!  FIGHT!  Let me tell you, this Toys R Us exclusive does not suck!  Packed again with a heaping helping of Easter Eggs, rare Chase figures, tons of posability, and ALL in a 3.2" stylized collectible!  How is it done?!  Our secret recipe but we're stoked to share the wares so you can pose, repose and kock out your favorite creep like you're back in the saddle at your favorite arcade!  The character editions are sickening good!  Evil Ryu, Vega Champions Edition (with Gold and Yellow hardware - Easter Eggs that are ALL very LOW Editions), Sagat Alpha Mode (1/48), Turbo Ken (Blue Gi - 1/96) and E. Honda Hyper Fighting Edition Club 28!  Let's see your favorite Street Fighter moments play out through The Loyal Subjects x Street Fighter x Toys R Us Action Vinyls Exclusive and it's available NOW!  FIGHT!

Street Fighter


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