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Dimitri Coats has a marvelous life; a dad to two great kids, a musician in an influential band, a good pal to his friends, a healthy dose of SoCal sun beating down on his mop top, nary a care in the world until one day he's visited by an alien being who goes by the name Optimus Prime.  From that day forward Dimitri corsses paths with Optimus Prime, a robot and self proclaimed Autobot descending from planet Cybertron here to protect sentient beings from the impending threat and invasion by the rival Decepticons.  Even Dimitri's neighbor gets caught up in the scuffle.

Optimus Prime has been haunting our dear friend Dimitri Coats for some time (guitar player for the criticaly acclaimed Vice Records band OFF!)  We believe he's giving Dimitri "fair warning" about the impending Decepticon threat.  Dimitri confused by Prime's random appearances and seeming ominous predictions wrestles with the message - is he here to help me?  In this case, Optimus Prime shows up in the most unlikely places, Dimitri's office; the stage for his show last weekend at Riot Fest in Denver, CO.

COMIKAZE!!  Crazy like it sounds.  We popped up our little 10' x10' Shop not expecting too much; dipping the proverbial toe.  We were shocked with the turn-out.  Saturday looked like Comic-Con 12 years ago - tons of energy, great vibes, community, a ton of look-i-loos,  generally curious about what was happening.  You could feel the swell.  This show has legs and we'll be sure to stretch ours next year into a deeper shoe.  Halloween brought out the costumes?


Dear Loyalists,

ROLL OUT, because it's MORPHIN TIME!!!  The day has finally come, and we couldn’t be more stoked.  I hope you are too, because the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Transformers Wave 3 have arrived at last, and will soon be in the hands of the people who made all this all possible.

"Constructicons, Dinobots, Tapes...Oh My!!"

We've pulled out all the stops for our third wave of Transformers.  Wave Three is BIGGER and BADDER than ever!  Sizes ranging from 3.25" - 3.5" tall! Includes 9 points of articulation, locked ball joints, Chest and back pieces, interchangeable accessories, SOUND and LEDs!  This is without a doubt our best Transformers figures to date, and we couldn't be more proud to share them with the world.

Members of TLS Official submitted original content with their best interpretation of The Loyal Subjects aesthetic. They told a dynamic story, and summed it up in one picture.  See the results below, and join the group if you haven't already!


Special news to announce, & it’s exclusive to the TLS Official fan page.  We are inviting members to take part in the TLS Official Cover Photo Contest. 

It's o-so-close.  Can't you feel the breeze coming off the bay, the salt water in the air, the anticipation, the smell of costplay, the crazies running wild in the streets, the bars overflowing with Spiderman costumes, Living Dead Zombies dropping limbs and drool?  I can.  It's that time again.  It's equivalent to Christmas Morning.  Not just for the fans but also the Companies.  We've been working on these exclusives since the latter part of last year and now it's time to unveil all of our hard work.

Hey all!  So, there's this little tiny show that we do every year.  It's called san Diego Comic Con.  It's basicaly us, the rest of the free world and a whole lot of sparkle, enough to turn Downtown San Diego into a Film Festival, Freak Show and Fan Mecca for an entire week.  If you haven't been, I strongly encourage you to go.  Experiences galore, new friends and great people in the perfect Southern California setting (outside Los Angeles and Laguna Beach of course).  Sun Fun and Pokeman.

The War rages on.  Cybertron is plagued by Civil War and the complete dilution of resources consumed by its inhabitants.  With plans to invade Earth, the Autobots must stop Megatron and his insurgence from taking Earth's resources for their own.  With help from the Dinobots, Optimus pushes back Shockwave and his forces, including Ramjet and the Insecticon known as Shrapnel.  While the Dinobots are continuously annoyed with Optimus Prime, their greater disdain for the Decepticons keeps them of somewhat neutral threat to Optimus and his cadre, inclu

The cold and cunning Decepticon Shockwave finds manifestation in Action Vinyls form.   This Generation 1 incarnation of one of the strongest robot's in disguise may look cute, but don't let that fool you.  Shockwave stands at 8" tall with 8 ball-jointed points of articulation, and a translucent arm-cannon to incinerate anything that gets in his way.    

Good Guys do wear white.  Especially those who save humanity from malevolent alien threats.  This guy wears white.  His name is Ultra Magnus.  He will be available for purchase at the Toy Tokyo Event this Saturday.  After, he'll be available on our website Feb 22nd.  Align yourself with greatness.  Get Ultra.  It's the only way to be.

Edition 500.

What are the two great tastes that go together?  Optimus Prime and Customizers of course!  Who wouldn't want to get some clean detailing on an alien robot leader who transforms into a Big Rig?  Pin stripes, airbrushing, the whole nine.

Soundwave - a precise and deadly cadet in Megatron's forces.  Soundwave is the supreme intelligence and spy operation for the Decepticons.  He is also very powerful and poses a mortal threat to all Autobots he comes in contact with.   Grimlock - a powerful and primitive beast.  Neither friend nor foe.  He stands alone with his Dinobot clan.  He favors no one but hates the Decepticons.  This proves positive for Optimus Prime and the Autobots.   Soundwave and Grimlock face off on Cybertron.

The RAINMAKERS are coming to melt your faces and fry your wires!  Well, only if you're on Cybertron and only if you have pissed off Megatron.  If that's the case Megatron has given Soundwave orders to march his cadre of specialized seekers to make it rain hard...acid rain.  So, lesson to be learned; make friends with Megatron, don't piss Soundwave off and if you see Acid Storm flying around with a Yellow and Blue Seeker then your situation is hopeless.  Duck and cover and hope for the best.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you!   Happy Holidays all the way around; for every Faith, every Tradition, every Custom - if you're involved and you're having it, we want you to be 100% full stoked.  Which I'm sure you are.  That's why we're suppliying more stoke to go with your favorite Holiday Tradition.  Two-Fer-One T-Shirts from now until Christmas!  Boom!  Like that!  Free t-shirt with purchase.  And it works for multiples too!

Every now and then, something so pure, so destructive threatens the balance.  Introducing NEMESIS PRIME.  An alien abysmal and malevolent life force bent on destroying worlds.  "It" cloned Optimus Prime, took his form, his power, his strength and proceeded to destroy everything in its path; including Autobots and Decepticons.  Nemesis Prime has no fear, has no loyalties, stands beside no one.  It is a vaccuous form and the most dangerous, threatening all life.  

Let's get Super Cyber with Super Savings all weekend long!  Thought we wouldn't work in the name Cybertron?  How couldn't we?  Let's do this!  Good for everything BUT the Mystery Bags.  Good Friday through Monday!  Rawk!


Providence, R.I. - we're coming for you!  In a big way and we're bringing heat!  We are proud to announce the drop for our exclusive with famed retailer Newbury Comics, and the TLS x Newbury Comics EXCLUSIVE Edition of the Strascream x Cobra Commander 2 pack set!  Only 1000 made!  The set is cool in price - around $28.00 (confirm with Newbury Comics).  It includes the Transformers x G.I. Joe mash up packaging.  Only Hasbro has pulled off this dastardly and delicious mash-up to date.

'Tis the Season!  So we're giving!  And giving!  And giving!  2013 Marks the best year in the history for The Loyal Subjects so we're giving back!  This Designer Con we'll have two Mystery Bags to choose from.  Mystery Bag #1 costs $50.00 and there is at least $200.00 worth of product in there.  All F I R E!  Only 100 Bags available!   Mystery Bag #2 costs $100.00 and there is at least $350.00 worth of prime EBay rich collectibles ready for you to take them home!  Only 100 available!

It's that time of year again folks!  We all get together before the Turkeys, Candied Yams, Homemade Stuffing, Pumpkin Pies and apertifs-o-plenty and we celebrate all things great in Design, Art, Toys, Fun and more importantly a Communion between the TLS family and our supporters!  It's Designer Con baby and we have what you need!  What's that you say?  What do you need?  Well, I don't want to sound presumptuous but I'm thinking some secret stash Transformers exclusives and G.I.

The War wages on.  Who's side are you on?  Stay tuned for Exclusive sneak peeks only available here.  Ever had a Transformer talk, move in an extremely articulated way or be present when that incredible transformation audible pops from their body?  Transform Up.  Series 2 has a few secrets in store.  Seekers, Dinobots, sound...and more.

If you've never met us, we may seem completely ubiquitous.  But we're not.  We're real.  We are passionate people and we are creative people and we want to blow your socks off!



If you are within 1000 miles of the Legendary Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA you should be at our Transformers Trading Party right now!  Whoop Whoop!  Here's the Scoop - it's hosted by TLS' own Jamie and Eamon.  The rest of the skinny?  Free drinks and snacks, friends, trading, 2 fer 1 Blindbox purchases from 5-7p, 2 fer 1 Tees 5-7p, fans who pull chase figures get a FREE Blindbox, a surprise appearance from the Transformers and G.I.

"More than Meets the Eye!"

Hey everyone North of this beautiful American/Canadian border - go check out Mindzai tomorrow!  They're throwing a party, a trading party and it's going to rock.  If you haven't picked up our minis, now's the time.  They are delicious and they have some epic chase pieces.  Some selling on EBay for $150.  No kidding.  Just as surprised as you but how cool is that?!  Here's the link from Mindzai's blog.

COMIC CON!  What?  Did that really just happen?  7 days flew by.  Like it never happened.  Literally standing, walking, running, moving, greeting, laughing, smiling, sweating and loving from open to close.  Serious love fest San Diego.  Thank you for everything!  I'll get a long post up by the end of this week (I know, two weeks later but hey, Comic Con is a marathon, takes a second to recap what happened).

In case the Illustration was too big a tease, or not enough tease, or maybe just the right amount of tease.  Whatever wets your whistle, right?   Here are full reveals of some of the hottest SDCC releases.  Cybertron Megatron- Midnight Edition; blister packed with a resealable card.  This piece is epic.  It's as if you were hit in the face by an incandescent alien life form which looks unbelievably cool.  Megatron can harness the power of the sun.  In case you were wondering.  He's a bad dude.

The Press release is so good, I'm going to roll with that.  Sunstorm has a crazy story.  He's pretty Bad A_ _!

Sunstorm -

Midnight on Cybertron.  Sparkling with light, guiding factions to and from strife.  As the Autobots and Decepticons struggle for power and balance, Megatron, the powerful leader of the Decepticons sits proud high up-top his fortified perch, sinking into his thrown, glowing, candescent with the power which surges through his alien metallic frame.   Glowing, reflecting the colors of night on this alien planet.   Blue.  Hungry for power, starving to conquer, to destroy everything in his path.

You've got the touch!  You've got the power!  You're a winner!  Sound familiar?  Stan Bush, baby, Stan Bush.   So who's Stan Bush?  Duh, he wrote the theme song to the Transformers Movie!  As if!  Remember Boogie Nights?  That scene where Mark Wahlberg and John C. Reilly booked some studio time and started recording a rock pop epic?  Well, that was Stan Bush's The Touch.  How cool is that?  Correction, how EPIC is that?  Pretty epic.

Four Score and many moons ago, myself and a fellow traveller Les Schettkoe embarked on a trip aiming to traverse the wide reaching lands of this great Country of ours.  From sea to shining sea.  From the glitterly glitz and sunbum soakers of Southern California all the way to the Clippers and Chowder slingers of New England.  We set out, mission in mind, reverse Manifest Destiny, a pilgrimage to one of our original Colonies.

I love listening to Pandora when I work.  Instead of flipping records (yeah, because I'm that old), I select AC/DC and High Voltage pours from the speakers.  Hairs standing on end.  I love ripping, distorted loud guitars.  Especially the ones played by that little Tazmanian Maniac.  Well, he's an Aussie by way of Scotland but Tazmanian sounds better, when combined with "Maniac".  So it is.  So it be.  It's that little kid feeling.  Tapping into something.

All this teasing - tease, tease, tease, tease.  And then the reveals - reveal, reveal, reveal, reveal.  Make it available already!   We hear you, we're with you, we're fans too.  We want these suckers just as bad as you do.  I want to collect every one.  Line them up right above the fire place, right on my mantle, next to the Gary Baseman Enlightened Chou mask and the amazing Star Wars Helmets I copped at Comic Con from years past.  They'll look good there.

When I was a kid I had visions of owning awesome Optimus Prime shirts.  I didn't get one.  I did get a Lakers shirt and most likely a Gotcha shirt.  Both repectively cool.  However, if my karma was clean in a past life I probably would have been handed an awesome Optimus Prime shirt with a large Batman-esque onomatopoeia sceaming "BOOM" across the chest.  That would satisfy me.  Now, as an adult, it does satisfy me.  I'm not waiting anymore.

In the great tradition of Sticker Packs, we have boldly entered the realm with the Sticker Gladiators to present to you a potential new Champion - The G.I. JOE/TRANSFORMERS Sticker 4 Pack designed by Les Schettkoe.  Let's list the attributes:  Rad.  Awesome.  Killer.  Dope.  Fresh.  Sweet.  Sick.  Dayum.  Right on.  Power to the People.  Cobra Commander.  Snake Eyes.  Optimus Prime.  And, Megatron.  I'm going to stop here.

Locked and loaded. NYC, we came, we saw, we pulverized - tees, vinyls, skate decks - NYC Toy Fair never had a chance. We dropped TRANSFORMERS, CYBERTRON, G.I. JOE and COBRA, all at the same time. We sweetly terrorized our friends and retailers with mini Transformers showing off 7 points of articulations, incredible Tees laid out by Sket-One, the genius designs from Les Schettkoe, G.I. JOE mini figures sporting unique accessories and those beautifuly identifiable characters - SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, COBRA COMMANDER - it was relentless.

In Stock!  What are you waiting for Boy Wonder?  You think your skateboard collection is complete?  Try again.  Do you have Optimus Prime?  How about Megatron?  What about Soundwave?  Grimlock?  I thought not.  Now's your chance to shine, to be head of the class, to get the girl, to be the envy of all of your friends, to be so cool that Shaun White will call YOU!  That is being down.  Are you ready to be down?

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