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Valentine's Day - a day to show those who you intimately care for, just how much you care.  So goes the tradition.  I haven't read up on the entire history.  My assumption is Valentine's Day is a positive emotion.  Not just another gift giving day, but a day where the gifts that you give carry weight.  Gifts that are true expressions - thoughtful, fun, emotionally connecting, romantic and so on. 
I have a few gifts up my sleeve.  I'm also making available a few gifts for those budget conscious, star crossed lovers.  Serious, our Valentine's Day Love Fest in dollar amounts is less than a dozen roses and more than a helium balloon.  Both gifts include stories and DNA that all sprang from True Love.  Magnus and Friday - A true love story.  I know, I was there when it happened.  To make things even more bizarre, the real Magnus and Fridaylove story happened in Rome.  After Joe created the story (on a walk around the Circo Massimo - the track Ben Hur made famous), we walked into a Basilica and low and behold, this exact Basilica had St. Valentine's skull (relic).  Unbelievable.  I'm not making this up.  It's as true as the day is long.  So, Magnus and Friday are truly dipped in St. Valentine's tender magic - literally! 
Alex Pardee's Walrus Rider is a true love story too.  It's about a stud of a young man who had the best legs in town.  The girls fell ga ga over this lad's lengthy stems.  One night, while this young man was sleeping, some beast came in and stole his legs.  Can you imagine the nerve of some people?  Well, the little dude was pissed.  He lassoed a Walrus and went looking for vengeance.  All because of love.  Love for his legs and the attention he received from the Betties.  
So, this Valentine's Day - ask yourself - are you a stud?  Are you the perfect girlfriend?  You should answer, YES!  I am!  And by committing to this affirmation, it only makes sense for you to get on over to TheLoyalSubjects.com and pick yourself up a $50.00 Walrus Rider which includes a 8" x 10" signed print from Mr. Pardee himself and either version of the Magnus and Friday sets for $40.00 each!  Serious, does it get any better? 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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December 30, 2019

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