Hey hungry folk!  Especially  those who are looking for some protein substitutes apart from our beloved animal kingdom - boy, do we have the right patty for you!  Introducing the 12" tall, stackable Veggie Burger Bunny!  Exclusive to Kidrobot and only 40 of these suckers grilled, boxed and made to order!  These delicious anthropomorphic yet animal friendly mutant hopping veggie burgers (does that sound right?) are definitely a must have for any J Led collector.  We say that about all J Led's releases, but seriously, right?!  They (Veggie Burger Bunnies) are made from wood, beautifully decorated and packaged in a nifty wood create with a sliding cover door.  Only $300.00!  I do say ONLY, because these are delicious works of art and where on earth can you get something so unique, so original and well crafted for $300.00?  Worth every penny.
Here are the details - The Loyal Subjects will be on hand with artist Joe Ledbetter at the Kidrobot LA store (KRLA for the NASDAQ fans) Friday, June 1st between 6-8p.  A certain allotment of Veggie Burger Bunnies will be made available for the event.  The rest can be purchased at the other Kidrobot retail locations on June 7th.  A democratized release! 
Also available will be a brilliant Joe Ledbetter x Kidrobot print (edition of 50) aptly titled 'NICE BUNS'.  And boy, how!
See you all next Friday, June 1st!  Let's enjoy a good ole fashion art cookout featuring your friends from The Loyal Subjects, Joe Ledbetter and Kidrobot!  Weeee Howdy!
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