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I remember my first G.I. JOE experience.  I was in grade school.  We went to a little Catholic Elementary school down in Laguna Beach, CA.  It's still there.  St. Catherine's, St. Nicholas.  Sometimes my father would come pick us up after school.  When he would, chances were he was swinging us by this store which had $.15 Ice Cream.  We would anticipate it.  It was heaven.  A ritual which helped to define great memories during that period of time in our little lives.

Following up on the madness of a 24 hour Bunny love fest!
This Wednesday, Noon PST at

Also, check with your favorite retailers for availability -
BAIT, Yoyamart, Rotofugi, Minty Fresh...and more...

Ships before Christmas.

Wow, did that just happen? Did Elvis really leave the building? Did we start the morning with almost 100 Lava Bunnies and end up with a bunch of empty boxes, some crusty donuts, a lot of hand shakes and a bunch of smiling faces? I think so. I'm pretty sure that just happened. Nice. That feels good.

Stay tuned...Nov 3rd. Pasadena.

Do you like signed things?  I do.  How about from a famous artist who has three Emmys in their possession   Well, that sounds interesting.

The event recaps always take a second to recollect and document.  Trust us, it isn't a procrastination vice.  It seems that way since we're always a week or two post event before we're able to collect our thoughts and the pictures we want to share.

The Loyal Subjects is unique, in that we decide to work on projects (develop, produce and distribute) which come from single points of truth.  Be it excitement, outlandish, brilliant, feverish, elegant, powerful and sometimes didactic.  It

On the eve, before the Buckingham Warrior ships out to our supporters, customers and retailers - I get to stand back and reflect about what a fun life we all have and how insignifi

The phrase "Art Toy" is interesting.  I remembered when it was coined.  It was Jim Crawford, Co-Founder of
It's a new year.  We have over a dozen projects in the cooker right now.  Here's a quick little list: 
Ever wonder what it would be like to be chased in a creepy, secluded forest by a giant monster with multiple eyes, oozing pink goo out of it's pores, r

Analog Playset and artist Joe Ledbetter are proud to announce the release of the terrific 2-figure set &q

We are proud to announce the release of 

Joe Ledbetter's Pico & Wilshire is coming soon, don't miss out on this prehistoric pair!

We are currently taking pre-orders for Joe Ledbetter's Pico & Wilshire, don't miss out on thi

Magnus and I just got back from meeting with Ben Goretsky the founder of

Here are a few pictures of my recent road trip to San Francisco with Magnus Maximus

Our good friend Magnus Maximus just got his own Facebook page, add him today:

Tokidoki is a Japanese word whose etymology is, for the most part, vague.

Here is a collection of Wyger pictures taken by you the fans!

Here is a collection of Kid Dragon pictures taken by you the fans!

Sam Flores’ Wyger roars again with the forthcoming White Wyger!

Surprise!  We are releasing the Gray Kid Dragon

Look who’s come in from the cold just in time for the holiday festivities.

Here is our 2nd DesignerCon exclusive!

It's almost here.

We ran into one of our good friends here in Las Vegas, Alex Pardee's Walrus Rider!

Joe Ledbetter's Terror and Magnus are now available for pre-order at:

Sam Flores' Kid Dragon x The Loyal Subjects x Upper Playground x Juxtapoz

Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects 


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