We Are The Loyal Subjects!

Some of our friends have been on this journey with TLS since day 1.  We've sold well over a million products worldwide since the Company's start.  We're a unique story.  We've certainly bucked the trend, we're steadfast in making sure we bring a quality experience to our collectors, we pride ourselves on imagination over quantity, quality over price points and we have been a boot strapped ma and pa operation since day 1.  We are David in a very Goliath Industry, our resolve is unshaken and we are thankful for all the supporters who are helping elevate the TLS Brand statement and vision.  Your voices are heard and we know that you want collectibles that are fun, that are unique, that are quality, and collectibles you can bond over with like minded collectors.  The relationships are the most important.  We are building a fun ecosytem together, bringing back warm and fuzzies from your best birthdays, Christmas mornings, Saturday mornings balled up on the couch with a bowl of cereal and a cannon of great cartoons and mythos - we're all in the same boat, wanting the same fun, the same experience, a non patronizing experience from a Company who thinks like we do - turning those warm memories into a tangible reality where figures with great detail, great paint, great features help us recall the stories from our favorite shows!  Where we can be the Writer, Director, Producer of our own story line by posing and interacting with Action Vinyls, possessing real emotions, real atttude and an interactive experience with these dynamic poseable figurines.  Our collectors are responding and helping push TLS as a top brand at your favorite stores including Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, Toys R Us, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, Box Lunch, Walgreens and more!  We are a movement!  Steve kicks off the start of a series of candid interviews from TLS Nation.  Take a look!


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