We Made a Commercial, and it's AWESOME!

“LISTEN HEAR, SEE! I NEED A TIGHT CLOSEUP!  BOX YOUR HANDS LIKE A FRAME AND LET ME SEE THAT SHOT, SEE!”  If I were to direct every commercial I would do it in Jimmy Cagney period piece voice.  Possibly with the theme song to “The Sting” on repeat.  Those clackity, clack percussion sounds, like marbles pelting coconut shells in syncopated rhythms, swing beats, the muzzled and plunged trumpets, high pitching their way to high falootin’ boogie woogie dance moves, legs a’ plenty flinging outwards from side to side, knickerbockin’ their way up and down the sound stage, fedoras with a tilt, a shortened tie, and those crease, pressed suits catching the reflections of pocket watch chains parabola’ed into easy swing like arches.  “THAT’S A WRAP, SEE!”  Well, good thing I’m not Directing commercials….or is it?!  I think I need to switch to the mindset of my 1984 preteen self – “LOOK!  COBRA’S ESCAPING!  WHAT?!  THERE HE IS, ON THE FANG!  HE CAN’T ESCAPE SNAKE EYES!  LOOK!  SNAKE EYES RADIO’ED TO ACE!  ACE SHOT DOWN FANG!  SNAKE EYES SAVES THE DAY!  COBRA, YOU’RE FOILED AGAIN!  YO!  JOE!”  Cue song – “G.I. JOE!  A REAL AMERICAS HERO!”   That’s the mindset that I need!  Kids in the proverbial sandpit getting down with G.I. Joe!   Completely entranced in imagination mode!  Wait a second!  What if those kids grew up, imaginations still on fire, just waiting for that next generation of fun play experiences so they can turn the key to the time machine, get back into that blanket fort and start that motor to telling story with their favorite action figures?  What if TLS is the time machine/Delorean?  JC, Doc?  Eamon, Marty?  And Roxie, Einstein?  What if we can get you back to your Peter Pan moments, when life was stress free, you had full providence of all story-telling streams and the Action Vinyls were your spirit guides, surrending into a world of fun and play!  With tons of articulation, a ton of interchangeable accessories, a uniform size creating a Super Smash Bro’s world of Action Vinyls in which any army build experience is a fearsome front line to an epic game of capture the flag!  That is TLS, which is the Action Vinyls experience!  Get in that blanket fort!  Take me back to when fun and imagination were boundless, open streams!  We’re your Delorean!  Go get lost in your inner child!  We command you to!   Good thing, we got your back!  Action Vinyls are available HERE – Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Target, Wal-Mart, Game Stop, EB Games, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, 2nd & Charles, FYE, Walgreens, 7-11, Diamond, Entertainment Earth, Newbury Comics, and a great list of illustrious Ma and Pa’s!  Turn that man cave into your Blanket Fort!  Keep it fun!


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