What the Flock!

What the Flocked!

Ring…Ring….Ring….picks up…”Hello?”  “Yes, is this JC?”  “Yes, this is JC, who’s this?”  “This is Hot Topic”, “Hi!  What can I do for you!”, “Well, for starters, you can stop shipping our Flocked Cats out to other customers”, “Wait, what?!”   That’s when things got real…cold sweats, heart beating faster, blood pumping through the veins at a piston’s pitch…for a second I felt like Maximus, floating through his memories, unconscious, above the grain fields, blue skies above, just floating, a sort of purgatory.  “Snap out of it!”  Ok, check the Facebook group, what's going on?!  Sure enough, posts, Flocked Cats….Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!  Why the panic you ask?  Well, for starters, Hot Topic is our most supportive retailer, they believed in TLS from the get go, they gave us our “break.  Secondly, the buyer is a good friend and I couldn’t think of anything worse than to have the items I promised leak to another customer.  Third, just a plain as day mistake, those unforced errors that you have to eliminate.  Like a new infielder, first day in the Majors, needing a great game to guarantee playing time, to guarantee that contract…"grounder to the left side of the bag…booted out into Left field"…nooooo! 

A manufacturing/merchandising business such as The Loyal Subjects is best described (like) a Rube Goldberg machine.  An elaborate, intricate, sequential, and delicate operation connected by tiny miracles; singular events which trigger new events, which eventually trigger an outcome if each singular event gets tripped.  If there is a break in the chain, much like a row of dominoes, if one misses the rest stop falling.  A thousand singular events that need to magically and miraculously orchestrate like the 4 chairs and different sections in an orchestra to deliver a beautiful piece of music, or contrary, a cacophony.  In short, we are the embodiment of thousands of small miracles, the strings and bows equaling hundreds of hands, from all parts of the globe, wonderfully twirling in a ballet of epic proportions.  If it all works out, epic.  If one miracle fails to trip the next, Flocked Cats (go) to the wrong folks.

On the other hand, we’re all human.  As long as the human element is involved you get human nuance.  That’s still the best in my opinion.  Analog!  I love hearing those variations on snare drums through some of my favorite recordings – drummers work their way around the snare head, lifting different tones, cadence, tightening up the sticking towards the snare's rim to get those crisp “Flam tap tap!”  I like the sound of imperfection.  Now, don't get me wrong, we strive to be “perfection” but I would way rather be Alex Van Halen than a drum machine, any day.

All things said, a small percentage leaked to a couple retailers, but the Lion’s share (catch that pun?) is out the door, heading to Hot Topic’s shelves in short couple weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled, if you haven’t seen, those flocked cats are the cats’ meow!  Catch that?  There’s a new Big Pun in town!  It's like herding cats with these shipments!  Zoom Bang Boom – Punerific!  I better stop before corncobs start growing out of my ears.  Check your local Hot Topic, adopt both, take them home, and make them Purr!  The flocked cats are extremely limited, not to be reprinted.

Oh yeah, I get it, the picture above is not a representation of the "flocked" cats, that's because they are all on their way to Hot Topic.  And, someone stole He-Man's axe and sword.  That's the best shot we have...you get the picture!

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