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February 25, 2013

The Loyal Subjects

Wow!  It's a been awhile but we're back at it again.  New Years resolution 102451 - update your blog, man!  It's the voice, the connection for news on all things TLS!  What's wrong with me?  I'll tell you; a lot has been transpiring.  Like what?  G.I Joe, Transformers, Chaos Bunnies, tradeshows, exclusives, travel, a new website, expansion, new hirings and more!  I feel like one of those kids in those plastic ball pens at McDonalds - just buried and each climb out towards small rays of sunlight, more of those colorful plastic balls come raining down.  However, we're resilient, I'm resilient and I am climbing my way back into the light.  Not in a metaphysics way (been to the Doctor, he says I'm fit like a horse.  No going towards the light any time soon) but in a literal way.  The light is being able to sit down with my thoughts and type out the synaptic immediacy.  Hence, this excercise.  This is my first post on our new website/blog/everything platform that the good folks from Trade In Cool skinned and attached this nubie beast to some high voltage and gave it life.  I T  L I V E S ! ! ! !  Papa is so proud =)

And to all you Chaos Bunny fans - we love the passion, keep it positive, we'll always give you 110%.  What more can you ask for?  We have new releases, leaks, teasers and important info all coming to a boil.  Stay tuned and be the firts person on the block to get the skinny!  Here's to a great start to a great year and let's stay connected!


Best - JC

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