It's a new year.  We have over a dozen projects in the cooker right now.  Here's a quick little list:  Gary Baseman, Craola, Hasbro, FriendsWithYou, Joe Ledbetter and more!  It's been great organizing the year with our factory team in China.  Our partners are getting ready for the New Year - Year of the Dragon - I decided to pop in before everyone went on break to organize and smooth out the details.  First up - Joe Ledbetter - Burger Bunny Wood 10" collectible (expect color ways *hint hint*).  Next, Joe Ledbetter Bop Bag inflatable - Looks a lot like a 60" tall Burger which you can punch feverishly at pesky calories.  Also, Sam Flores 5' tall Kid Dragon (would it look good in gold?) - you'll find out!  Gary Baseman - the Buckingham Warrior - Wow!  This piece is epic.  10" tall of Baseman brilliance and coming this April (stay tuned for pics).  Next for this first quarter - remember Joe Ledbetter's Fire Cat?  Thought about ever owning a 50" tall one in fiberglass?  You'll find out this April/May.
We're in the airport now, leaving for Manila, Philippines where we'll join Joe and Big Boy from Secret Fresh.  I've been told the Burger Bunny had sold out days ago and the fans in Manila are going nuts awaiting Joe's arrival.  It feels good to be working with our team and retail partners, even though we're so far away from home, nonetheless, we still feel at home.  2012 is stacking up to be a great year and what greater way to kick it off than a 50 piece 10" tall Wood Bunny release starring Joe Ledbetter.  I'm happy to be here.  I'm happy for the experiences.  For the relationships.  For the opportunities.  Life is amazing.  Carpe Diem.

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