WOW! Sorry, that was a 6 Mos Vacation!

It's not that I had intended to stay off the blog for six months, it's just how life works sometimes.  We haven't been away.  In fact, we've been working tirelessly - New production schedules, new releases, some releases that you all are familiar with by now and MOVING!  We moved into the old Beastie Boys/Grand Royal Records building.  Our office mates include Han Cholo, Mad Decent and Diplo and Royal Interactive Productions.  The vibe in the building is amazing!  There's even original Bode art up on the walls.  We're now in Atwater Village (bye, bye Melrose).
OK, Explanations out of the way - now it's time for some blog posts!  Also, Pics of the office to come.  It's killer!
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