To all the loyal Joe Ledbetter fans in this brilliant, fantastical world - Joe brings you yet another Lava Edition!  This one coming from Joe via Analog Playset.  Analog Playset isTony Thaxton's project, drummer of Motion City Soundtrack.  Joe happens to be fans of the band and the band, fans of Joe.  Just so happens that Joe Ledbetter had created the key art for MCS' last studio album, 'My Dinosaur Life'.  The art centers around the Wrecks and Dazey characters - a loveable Tyrannosaurus Rex and his pollinating bee pal, Dazey.  Fitting and apropos Darwin statement, even if unintentional - out with the dinosaurs and in with new - i.e. the bee and it's pension for pollinating and redistributing opportunities for life.  Poignant.  See, there's a lot going on behind the doors of these artist's minds.  Just have to take a peek.
Wrecks and Dazey Lava Edition is an Edition of 99 and is available for $110.00.  A 6" set?  A "friggin" steal my delicious friends!  Now, there are only six pieces left.  So, HAPPY HUNTING!  Buy them HERE!

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