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March 20, 2013

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, GI Joe

"Wherever there's trouble, G.I. JOE is there!  G.I. JOE!  A Real American Hero!"  

And you know what?  Knowing is half the battle!  And now you know - there's a party going on around here and it's happening this coming Saturday, March 23rd from 5p-8p at Bait in Diamond Bar.  Diamond Bar sounds like a crazy far away place but it's not.  It's also the home of Snoop Dog.  I mean Snoop Lion.  And it's the home of Bait!  A beautiful lifestyle store specializing in Street Wear and Collectibles, founded by Pick Your Shoes owner, Eric Cheng.  These guys have it going on, and because they are sassy and suave what better place for us to launch and debut the G.I. JOE blindbox Mini Series #1?  I can't think of another.  That's why we're doing it at Bait!  

What's on the agenda?  Let me tell you:  For starters, a G.I. JOE Tribute art show featuring some very talented, amazing artists.  A signing by Mini Series designer, Les Schettkoe from 6:30p-7:30p.  Blindbox figures, Skatedecks, Tees, Stickers, Prints, drink and music will be available.  And...one lucky guy or gal will have a chance to win two tickets to the LA Premiere of G.I. JOE: RETALIATION!  How insane is that?  Rub elbows with Bruce Willis and the Rock.  Go Hollywood on us!

This Blindbox Series will leave you wanting more.  Trust us, if you are or were a G.I. JOE fan we really aim to bring this amazing property home to you.  There are 3 incredible chase figures included (at random).  You will not be disappointed!

BAIT - Saturday March 23rd from 5p-8p

2753 S. Diamond Bar Blvd Ste B, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

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