Zombie Bunny (#9).  It's great to be alive but not dead alive.  This poor fella met his demise when he was infected with the dreaded Zombie plague.  His beautiful pelt has decayed and turquoised.  He has a worm who bored through his skull, making this bunny's once vibrant brain home to his own private eatery, and occassionaly pops out to greet the world with  an effervescent smile.  This bunny only has own thing on his swiss cheese looking brain.  And that's MORE BRAINS!  Yours, mine, our pets, our friends.  This Bunny is Wolrd War Z, the apocolypse, and there is no cure.  Fortunately for us, he's still cute and mildly resembles candy.  So although he has a partly chewed off ear, a bone exposed in his other ear (bunny ears have bones, fyi), a worm friend who poked a hole through his skull, rotting radioactive organs which seem to be falling out of his body - this bunny is in rather good shape.  He has excellent detail, he has some mobility (articulation) and he comes delivered in a sealable plastic clamshell which reduces any exposure to the Zombie virus.  He's also $125.00 and he ships for FREE in the US.  Not bad for you're own living dead friend.

You can get your hands on this toxic hare today.  He goes on sale at 1p @ www.theloyalsubjects.com.  He will also be available at 1p @ Meltdown Comics today.  We are having a Zombie Bunny party featuring Joe Ledbetter (this living dead lapin's creator), Zombie tacos, Zombie cookies, Zombie cupcakes and drinks!  Swing through.  It'll be fun for all.  More importantly, Meltdown is air conditioned!  Woo-hoo!

Meltdown - 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

See you today!  Hazmat suits a go-go!


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