Flashback Friday!

From the TLS Art Toy Vaults!  Cem, our Snr Logistics Manager, went for a deep Spring cleaning and sprung a well of Classic TLS Art Vinyls, stoically waiting in a dark corner of one of our Vault warehouse rooms.  What he uncovered was pure TLS Gold!  So, we decided to piece a great Flashback Friday sale of some of the best Art Toys TLS has made in it's nearly 10 year lifespan.  As TLS grows so does the interest in our history.  Here's an opportunity to own some of the TLS History for $0.30 on the dollar!  For $49.96 + Shipping you will get a value equivalent or exceeding $350.00!

Here are the bullet points:

  • Will include two Art vinyl pieces by two of the the most famous Art Vinyl Designers - Gary Baseman and Joe Ledbetter
  • Will include a beautiful Gary Baseman Toby 36" inflatable
  • Will also include a random blindbox
  • Yes, the shipping cost bc the box is HUGE!  The Art Vinyl pieces are two of the 8" series.  They are B I G !
  • JC Will throw some random protos in random customer's boxes!

Please note that our offices are closed for exhibition at San Diego Comic Con, and shipments will not begin until after our return on 7/24 at the earliest.  Thank you!