Jason Vorhees (Metallic Jacket Edition)

Ever been alone and feel something wrapping it’s presence around your neck? You feel your neck to see if it’s just a breeze but something feels off, like there’s a presence, something evil lurking. Has that ever happened to you? Me neither, just checking if you had. But, pray it’s just the breeze and not Jason Vorhees’ undying thirst for revenge and his narrowing hobby of lopping off teen heads when they least expect it. “Cha cha cha, ha ha ha ha”. That damn music will haunt me forever. Killer sculpt details, killer articulation, killer paint details – the feel undead psychopath of 2018 ! This collector blisterpack San Diego Comic Con exclusive features an LE 350 with commemorative SDCC 2018 packaging and an exclusive foot stamp, “SDCC STORE”! Under License from Warner Bros.

Figure Size: 3.2”
Colorway: Metallic Clothing
Accessories: Machete & Hatchet

All cancelled orders are subject to collection on 50% of the total order value.