Raphael (TMNT) 4' Fiberglass Statue

With two Sai weapons, a red mask and a no fear attitude this BIG 4' Raphael will keep the wolves at bay and Shredder underground.  A must have for Turtle Fans.  Nothing screams - 'Dude, there's a giant turtle with swords in your house" quite like this guy!  Don't be shy, shake his hand, after all he's just your run of the mill teenage mutant ninja turtle and he doesn't bite.  Or does he...

Under License from Nickelodeon/Viacom, Inc.  Raphael comes with interchangeable Sai and Scythe weapons.  Packed in a styro crate, and Fixed to circular base (not pictured).

**WRITE TO [email protected] TO ARRANGE PURCHASE**