Thundercats Lion-O (SDCC Edition)

Sensing a theme with the 2017 Exclusives, and GID. This guy glows like a nite-lite, don't believe us? There are plenty of pictures on social with this guy glowing like he’s nuclear. Another great sneak peek for what the year ahead was to bring at retail. Complete with the removable, and GOLD “Claw Shield”, and of course, the legendary “Sword of Omens” with the ThunderCats insignia! He stands 3” tall, has killer sculpt, and paint details, is undeniably one of the best figures in the TLS cannon, and he’s extremely limited edition. It’s crime we even found any. Packaged on a “Convention Exclusive” blister card, and comes with an exclusive character card. A must have for any TLS collector, or ThunderCats fan.